A Family | In-Home Family Photography Session in Waukesha, Wisconsin, July 2017 - Amanda Bradt

A Family | In-Home Family Photography Session in Waukesha, Wisconsin, July 2017

I have been friends with this mom for 17 years! She is a strong, caring, and intelligent woman. Her husband works hard and is a wonderful father. Their kids adore them and each other. The eldest is a beautiful young lady with just the sweetest demeanor. And the boys are best of buds and just as sweet.

I was a little nervous arriving to this session since the weather was not cooperating. It started raining on my drive over and did not let up. This meant going outside for any shots was not an option and the clouds would limit the amount of light coming into the house.

We started the session in the master bedroom, which had a nice sized window to allow just enough light in to illuminate the bed and the family. Here I captured them snuggling, laughing, kissing, and being with each other. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing the ‘telephone’ game so we had lots of laughs over this!

In the living room, I captured more snuggles and laughs on the couch, and even included the pups in these! I shot portraits of each of the three kids by the large window in this room that was letting in a ton of beautiful light filtered by the clouds. Mom and Dad often enjoy time together over a glass of wine so we made sure to capture this moment as well.

Finally, I headed up to the eldest’s room, where we captured her spirit with some of her favorite things in her room.

Despite the crummy weather, this ended up being one of my favorite in-home sessions yet! The light led to beautifully-moody images that captured the love and connection between this family perfectly.

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