10 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Kids - Amanda Bradt

10 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Kids with Any Camera

1)  Resist saying “smile”! We’ve all seen what happens…we get the cheesiest, most fake smile your kid can give. It is in no way a real reflection of who they are so do yourself (and your memories) a favor and stop asking for those smiles!

2)  Talk about gross stuff. Boogers, farts, etc. Who can’t smile when you hear these words!? LOL (see I’m laughing over here!)

3)  Ask siblings to hug each other super tight and/or to tickle each other.  If you can reach them, tickle them yourself!

4)  Ask siblings to play the ‘telephone’ game. When it’s over there is sure to be some laughs and smiles.

5)  Have them spin and twirl around. With siblings have them hold hands first or play ring-around-the-rosie.

6)  Act like a complete goofball! All kids think their parents are the funniest people out there!

7)  Talk to them. Talk about school, what they did yesterday, how old they are, what they want for Christmas or their birthday, their favorite movie/show, their friends, activities they enjoy, etc. Remember to keep snapping away as they talk!

8)  Ask them if they see anything in the lens of your camera. Ask them to look really hard. Is that a bug on there?!

9)  Have them close their eyes and on the count of three to open. Snap the picture right when they open. It is a sure way to get a mesmerizing stare from them.

10)  Get down to their level. Your images will tell a better story if you are seeing things from their point of view.

I hope some of these tips will lead to more authentic photos to add to your collection! If you are interested in getting more authentic photos of your whole family, please contact me for more information!

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