Family Photography in Madison, WI - Amanda Bradt

Family Photography in Madison, WI

My first photography session in the Madison, Wisconsin area!  It was so worth the little bit of travel because these two angels are so ridiculously cute!  And I went to college in Madison so the occasional trip there always reminds me of fun times ;).  This session was a bit unique as the mom wanted only photos of the kids.  As much as I strongly encourage parents to be in the photos, I do completely understand the added stress in it.  And since I personally excel at taking photographs of my kids without me in them (something I'm trying to work on!) I really can't argue with it!  Ha!  The only challenge with this shoot was poor sister bonked her head early on and just wasn't the happiest (can you blame her though!?) but as you can see, even her sad face was  definitely worth capturing!   So much cuteness!

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