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How to Get Mom in More Pictures

Like most moms, I’m the photographer of the family. We are CONSTANTLY snapping pictures of our children and the people they are interacting with on a daily basis. We want to preserve every little detail of their childhood. What I often fail to remember is how important it is to get myself in these memories as well. It is so much easier to just be the photographer…I don’t really like to be photographed, I’m much more critical of myself, and it usually requires more effort on my part to get in the frame.  However, I have come to realize that the photographs my kids will cherish the most, are the ones that I am in! For that reason, I have come up with some tips to help us moms get in more pictures!

1)  Hand the camera off! If your camera is more complex than a cellphone take a few minutes to walk Dad or someone else through the steps to take basic photos. Just taking these few minutes will make such a difference in the number of photos Mom is in.

2)  Use a tripod! I have a more heavy duty tripod for my ‘good’ camera but it usually requires more time and effort to set up. So to make it easier on myself and to guarantee more pictures of myself I use this inexpensive tripod from Fotopro.  My phone snaps right in it and the legs are flexible so you can position it almost anywhere and at any angle. It is awesome!

3)  Plan ahead! Make a list of the top 10 things you do with your kiddos that you want documented in photographs. Using your tripod, work your way through your list.

4)  Learn the self timer features on your camera. Most cameras have timers you can set. For example, my iPhone has two choices, 3 or 10 seconds, to give you time to get in position before the shutter releases. More advanced cameras have interval timers you can set. For example, you can have the shutter release 5 times every 10 seconds for 3 minutes straight. That way you have several photos to choose from and you don’t have to keep running to the camera to reset it for each shot. Another option is wireless triggers. For example, my iPhone shutter can be triggered from my iWatch. There are more inexpensive trigger options as well. A simple search on Amazon for "remote camera shutter release" or "wireless triggers" should give you plenty of options to explore. Do a little research on your specific camera and it will help make the process easier when you do step in front of the camera!

5)  Don’t forget about selfies! I’ll be honest, if you did a search through my photos for pictures of me and my kids, most of them are good ‘ol selfies with my iPhone. The quality of selfie photos aren’t as great as if you use the main camera on your phone but it is more important you be in the photo than not be in it at all. Like I mentioned above, these are the photos your kids will cherish the most!

I hope these tips will help add more photos of mom to your collection! If you are interested in getting beautiful pictures of mom and the whole family during a laid back and fun lifestyle photo session, please contact me for more information!

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