Fresh 48 Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Amanda Bradt

Fresh 48 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My very first Fresh 48 session and oh my! am I in-love!!  Fresh 48 is a photography session that takes place within the first 48 hours of baby's birth, either in the hospital, your home, or wherever you give birth.  It captures those first precious moments that are filled with so much emotion.  

I remember my first 48 hours with my Ethan like it was yesterday.  It was the most surreal moment of my life.  He was sooooo completely fragile to me!   It took my husband and I a solid 20 minutes to put his going home outfit on!   His birth was one of the only times I have seen my husband shed a tear.  I wish I had known to capture this time in our lives better than with whatever iPhone was out 5 years ago ;).  

This little guy wasn't even a day old yet.  He is mom and dad's first born!  I loved watching as the new parents ever so carefully handled him.  The pure excitement and love for this tiny little human just resonated from them.  It was beautiful to witness.  I hope these photos help to remind them how amazing this moment was years from now!  Congratulations mom and dad!  He is absolutely beautiful!

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