D Family | In-Home Family Photography Session in Hartland, Wisconsin - Amanda Bradt

D Family | In-Home Family Photography Session in Hartland, Wisconsin, June 2017

This family and their home, simply put, is gorgeous!

Inside, we visited the kids rooms which led to beautiful-moody pictures, since the session was in the late evening and the sun was starting to set. The master bedroom came next and was AMAZING to shoot in. Decorated in white with a stunning headboard, the light flooded in beautifully from the large window! Here I captured their playfulness as they jumped on the bed, had a pillow fight, tickled, kissed and snuggled.

Once we got outside the kids gravitated to the beautiful flowers that adorned the front porch, allowing me to capture the sweet moments of giving mom flowers. As mom and dad sat next to each other on their doorstep, they naturally laughed and flirted with one another, leading to some of my favorite shots of the evening!

We ended the session with a little stroll through their backyard and some fun on the play set.

This was clearly a happy, playful family, and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing all their smiles, laughs and love for one another!

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