B Family | Family Photography in Menomonee Falls, WI - Amanda Bradt

B Family | Family Photography in Menomonee Falls, WI

I had a blast with this family!  We did everything they love to do on a regular basis so they would have it documented and in the memory book!   After the session, mom told me her eldest said it was so much fun...this made my day!  One goal accomplished!  Next goal...great pics to follow, which I think was also accomplished ;).  The boys were GREAT kids...the eldest a little more reserved, with such a sweet demeanor.  The youngest, a little more outgoing, and so funny!  The brothers clearly love each other tons...even when wrestling they have smiles all over their faces.  I caught them looking at each other on several occasions with grins from ear to ear...so sweet.  Mom and dad do an excellent job of enjoying lots of quality time together as we documented what they normally do...cuddles on the couch, board games and cards, eating lots of whips (you know, those long, yummy strings of cheese!), popcorn and cookie dough (thanks for letting me in on this part ;)), playing golf and ping pong, playing the piano (I was so impressed!), and playing outside.  They love sports so we made sure to capture lots of pictures of them playing them, as well as the boys' favorite memorabilia in their rooms.  We also made sure to capture all the love this family has for each other in some great family shots both inside and outside.  I loved getting to know this family so much!   

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